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PKZIP version 2.04g 2-1-93 Shareware Dos
All that needs to be done is for you to download these into a directory called pkware and run pkunzip.exe to unzip into your pkware directory. Syntax is c:\pkware\pkunzip if you are not in the pkware directory. If you want the Windows 3.1x/NT/95 version go here
Use pkunzip.exe from above to unzip any of the files below.

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1. Beavis & Butthead  2. Duke Nukem 3D  3. Monster Eyes
4. Need For Speed 3  5. Napster  6. Netscape  7. Pie Bill Gates
8. Quake II  9. South Park  10. Terminator  11. WallMaster

1. Beavis & Butthead
2. Duke Nukem 3D
3. Monster Eyes - eyes that follow your mouse around.
4. Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
Stunning Special Effects- Blowing leaves, rain, lightning, mud splashes,
snow, fog, working headlights, smoke from burning rubber, ...
Out run the Cops, run road blocks, or just knock them out of your way!
You won't be able to get enough of this! 16.5mb
5. Napster
NEW Here are some funny clips of Metallica about Napster.
Naptser Bad 1.13mb
Metalli-Cops 1mb
6. Netscape
Netscape 6 preview release is out!! You can use this with your current browser ( or replace it ;) ).
Download NetscapeSetup.exe
Custom install here
Full install here
7. Pie Bill Gates - Throw Pies at Bill Gates
- 146,716 bytes Freeware
9. South Park
10. Terminator 2: The Screen Saver 11. WallMaster - An excellent wallpaper tool, it works great with JPG images!! 868,950 bytes
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